Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm In the Mood for a Taco

I'm in the mood for a taco! So let's share a virtual one together.
Does anything below catch your fancy?

Spicy Pork Taco (F) and Short Rib Taco (B)
from Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles, CA

Fish Taco
from Fish Taco Ensenada in Ensenada, BCN

New York Steak Taco
from Tacos Salceados in Tijuana, BCN

Swordfish Taco
from Tacos Salceados in Tijuana, BCN

Chicken Taco (F) and Beef Taco (B)
from Serrano's Mexican Kitchen in Duarte, CA

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V said...

Oh my Goodness! That looks fantastic. :) I recently discovered King Taco, the chain in LA. Sooo good!

Sarah I. said... mouth is watering for a short ribs taco. I really need to get back to LA and try Kogi for myself.

LunaCafe said...

Oooohhhhh,these look glorious! Nothing better in the world than a frshly made taco.

pleasurepalate said...

V: I still have to make it to King Taco, but unfortunately, there's not one in my neighborhood.

Sarah: Kogi rocks. I hope you get a chance to try it.

LunaCafe: A freshly made taco with a freshly made tortilla is heaven.

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Abby,

Gorgeous pics! :) I am still looking forward to going to Mexico soon to try some great tacos down there.

pleasurepalate said...

Hey EK: I'm glad you liked the pics. If you ever do make it to Mexico, be sure to go with streetgourmetla, he'll steer you in all the right directions. The 3 tacos from Baja were taken as a result of going down there with him. :)