Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pollo ala Brasa Chicken: So Good, Few Words Are Needed

Lunch at Pollo a la Brasa

For awhile now, I've been hearing from friends about how good Pollo a la Brasa's Peruvian Chicken was. Though it took awhile, I finally made it there with said friends. Now if you're looking for fancy, this isn't the place. Think hole in the wall dining and you've hit the mark.

Lunch at Pollo a la Brasa

However, fancy doesn't always equate good food and Pollo a la Brasa is one example of that. While there, you may want to order the Chicha Morada, the Peruvian purple corn drink. I found this version a little too sweet, but the melting ice watered it down to my preference.

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Lunch at Pollo a la Brasa

With the chicken, you have a choice of sides that includes black beans, rice or French Fries. The black beans were a choice by some in the group.

Lunch at Pollo a la Brasa

I was in the mood for French Fries, so that's what I went for. As for the chicken itself, Wow! The chicken had crispy skin and took on some woodsy flavors from being cooked in a wood-fired oven. The meat was juicy and succulent and that included the chicken breast. Simply, the chicken was fantastic. Now if only there was a Pollo a la Brasa closer to me. Oh well.

Lunch at Pollo a la Brasa

Simply, the chicken was fantastic. Now if only there was a Pollo a la Brasa closer to me. Oh well. :(

Pollo a la Brasa
764 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 382-4090

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Steven said...

I will try that place for lunch on Monday. Los Balcones del Peru on Vine is also excellent Peruvian food.

weezermonkey said...

You are a brave soul to eat there in all the smoke! ;)

We always get it to go. Love it!

pleasurepalate said...

Steven: Los Balcones is definitely a great Peruvian restaurant, especially when it comes to their seafood. :)

WM: That's part of the charm. :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

My fave Peruvian chicken is Pollo Mania in El Monte. That's closer to you! :)

pleasurepalate said...

WC: I actually read about Pollo Mania on your blog and am planning an outing there with my dining group. :)

Jin said...

i've had pollo ala brasa. i love it. but i still love pollo inka in gardena, torrance. but i never had pollo mania. i wanna goo!!!