Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mother Moo Creamery Opens in Sierra Madre

Mother Moo Creamery

I love ice cream. So for awhile now, I've been waiting with bated breath for Mother Moo Creamery to open in the city of Sierra Madre where I work. For weeks and days, every time I'd drive by, I'd be disappointed to see the front windows covered with butcher paper. Finally, last Friday, I heard a mention of Mother Moo opening this weekend and knew that Monday, I was finally going to get my ice cream buzz going.

Walking in, the ice cream shop itself is still quite sparse, but there was water for thirsty customers and a bowl of waffle cone samples to try. By the way, all the waffle cones are made in-house and there's even a chocolate waffle cone available.
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Mother Moo Creamery

Also on the counter, there were jars of Mothercluck's Organic Strawberry Jam for sale. The jam is made using 100% organic strawberries freshly picked from McGrath Family Farms

Mother Moo Creamery

For those of you who didn't know, Mothercluck and Mother Moo Creamery are both owned by Karen Klemens, who is an award-winning Master Food Preserver. Basically, that means that along with ice cream, you'll be able to purchase other Mothercluck jams, jellies and preserves. Karen will also be offering monthly food preservation courses from the ice cream shop.

Mother Moo Creamery

Now, let's talk ice cream. What's great about Mother Moo Creamery is that it's going to feature organic milk and dairy products from Strauss Creamery. The emphasis will also be on using as much locally sourced ingredients as possible.  For me, that means that not only will I be getting ice cream that's "good" for me (at least in regards to the ice cream being made with quality ingredients), but it will probably taste unbelievable as well. I already got a great feeling when I took a look at the ice cream flavors that were available today.

Mother Moo Creamery

I had a hard time choosing, but finally, I went for Farmer's Market Orange Ice Cream with Szechuan Peppers and the Cardmom Ice Cream. The orange ice cream actually had orange zest as well as crushed Szechuan Peppers. That ice cream tasted really fresh and I liked how the citrus flavors paired with the little bit of heat that came from the peppers. As for the cardamom ice cream, all I could taste was the cardamom and that's as it should be. What I also liked was that neither ice cream was too sweet and the rich, creamy texture of the ice cream itself was amazing.

Mother Moo Creamery

As I was leaving with my two scoops of ice cream, Karen mentioned making cucumber sorbet and that stopped me in my tracks. When asked when it would be ready, she said later on in the day and you do know what happened, right? I stopped by after work to pick up the Cucumber Sorbet to take home. I even managed to wait a couple of hours after dinner to have some.All I have to say is Wow.

Karen had mentioned that she had picked up the cucumbers from a farmer's market and it was obvious.You could really smell the fragrance of cucumbers from the ice cream and when I took a bite, it was like eating a fresh, juicy cucumber, but in sorbet form. It was just so refreshing and again, not too sweet.

Mother Moo Creamery

All I have to say that given that I'm just down the street from Mother Moo Creamery, there's definitely going to be a lot of ice cream eating coming my way. If you're an ice cream lover too,, Mother Moo Creamery should without a doubt make it on your to-go list and I know that you won't be disappointed.

Mother Moo Creamery
17 Kersting Court
Sierra Madre, CA
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ELIN said...

that is exciting! I have only been to the one in Bakersfield, nice to know there is one close to home!