Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seoul Soiree at the Seoul Sausage Company Fan Appreciation Party

Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day 

Ever since I saw a tweet by @EmpressEricka who commented about having a Soul Soiree while eating homemade coffee ice cream, the words "Soul Soiree" stuck in my head and I knew I wanted to use it somewhere, but with a twist. So behold my post about the Seoul Soiree at the Seoul Sausage Company Fan Appreciation Party that I attended a few months back.
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Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day

If you haven't heard of Seoul Sausage Company before and you are a lover of Korean food and sausage, than this is one young company you should get to know really fast. They take their sausage seriously.  Check out the shirt that one of the owners is wearing below to see what I mean.

Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day

What's unique about their sausages is that they are inspired by Korean flavors.  Currently, they have two sausages to choose from.  One is their Spicy Pork Sausage and the other is their Kalbi Sausage and both were on the menu for this party.  We were also asked to vote for which was our favorite.  Team Beef vs. Team Pork. Read on to see which team I batted for, although if you're a regular reader of my blog, you may already know the answer.

Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day

As the sausages were being grilled, the smell was so delicious, it made me giddy with meat joy and anticipation.

Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day

Pork lover that I am, I went for the Spicy Pork Sausage first. Their pork sausage is flavored with traditional Korean spices served on a bun with apple cabbage slaw and I have to tell you this sausage was substantial in size.  My first bite was heaven. This may sound a bit corny, but I actually thought I heard angels sing. The sausage was juicy, packed with flavor and definitely had a big kick of heat and spice.  Just a take a look at my picture to see what I mean by this sausage being blessed with a lot of meaty juices. I don't necessarily eat sausages very often, but this was one of the best I've ever had.

Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day

Second to the plate was their Kalbi Sausage made with 100% beef kalbi and it was served with kimchi sauerkraut and garlic jalapeno aioli.  While more subtle in flavor than its fiery counterpart, the Kalbi Sausage was also filled with meaty juices and was also quite delicious.

Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day Seoul Sausage Appreciation Day

Before that day, I've never had Seoul Sausages before, but now that I have, I'm a big fan. I know I did a play on words when I talked about my "Seoul Soiree", but eating those sausages was really like having a "Soul Soiree".There are those foods that you eat to survive, but there are foods that you eat to feed your soul. When it comes to the sausages from the Seoul Sausage Company, they are definitely soul-satisfying.

Do you want to check out the Seoul Sausage Company for yourself? Right now, you can catch them at various events and festivals around town.  They are also available for catering.Check out all their contact information below.

Seoul Sausage Company


Ericka said...

clearly, i need to get some of these sausages in my life. like. now.

pleasurepalate said...

Their sausages are definitely worth having in your life. :)