Thursday, November 30, 2006

"The Great Steakhouse Challenge" - Dinner at Jar

Third up in this series was Jar in Los Angeles, CA. After my heavenly experience at Dal Rae, Jar definitely had a lot to live up to in my books.

Unfortunately, my tale is part woe and part bliss. Before we get to the woe part, I want to mention that everything started off on a high note for me when I had my salad. That salad, which consisted of roasted beets, arugula, sweet roquefort and balsamic vinaigrette, was absolutely delicious. Considering that I work for a produce company that makes bagged salads, I'm extremely picky about my salads and I finished everything on my plate to the last beet.

Following the fantastic salad came the woe. :( I ordered the skirt steak and was extremely disappointed. First off, I expected the meat to be
more marbelized, just a little bit fatty to allow for flavor in the meat. Also with that little bit of fat, the outside of the steak would have also been more caramelized, which again would have again contributed better to its flavor. The meat was also chewy-soft, if that makes sense. After the high of the Petite Filet Pepper Steak I had at Dal Rae, this skirt steak was a real downer.

In retrospect, the waiter did say that the dishes that Jar is known for are the items listed under the Braises and Sautes section of the menu and lo and behold, some in the group ordered the lamb shank with star anise, coriander and garlic as well as the Jar's signature pot roast and were quite happy with their meal, so on a return visit, I probably would make different choices.

However, it should be noted that two people in our group split the Prime Porterhouse and raved about the tenderness of the meat, the flavor and the juiciness of the meat, which is another reason to avoid the skirt steak altogether next time.

But along with the woe was bliss and that bliss for me in the form of the french fries with garlic and parsley that I ordered as a side. Crunchy and with a flavor zing...those fries made me a happy camper. Also, the dessert special that I shared with a friend was awesome, a rich butterscotch pudding that almost made me weep with joy. I also had a taste of Jar's signature chocolate pudding and oh my gosh, it was creamy dark chocolate perfection!

Overall, I would make my way to Jar again, but at least this time, I know what not to order in way of a steak and if the butterscotch pudding isn't available, the chocolate pudding will do just as well.

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By the way, my camera settings weren't as they should be, so the pics are a bit blurry in the photoset above.

8225 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Greg said...

First off, I'm really enjoying reading the reviews on your page. I'm a fan of Jar, so I was saddened to read your review. While the skirt, is probably the cheapest cut on their menu and personally, not a cut I'd order anywhere, I believe any steak on the menu at a steakhouse, should be great. I've alwasy believed that what made Jar a bit special was their attention to the sides. Along with the fries you had, their creamed spinach is wonderful, as is the creamed corn. I'm enjoying your 'Steakhouse Challenge', but it might have been even more interesting if you'd had the same cut at each place. I agree whole heartedly with your assessment of Taylor's. It falls into the category of 'you get what you pay for'! You might want to try The Lodge, The Cut or my old school favorite, Musso & Franks. Oh and I owe you many thanks for turning me on to Golden Triangle. Had dinner there last Saturday night before the theatre and it was terrific.

Abby said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my reviews. As for Jar, I'll definitely go back and check out their steaks again, just not the skirt. I wouldn't say that I was completely turned off, especially since other diners in my group did enjoy their meals.

I am actually planning on dining at Cut sometime this year, but I'll also keep The Lodge and Musso & Franks in mind for other steak options.

I'm really glad that you checked out Golden Triangle. It's one of my favorite restaurants and with it serving Burmese food, it's offers a cuisine that is rarely offered anywhere else in Socal. :)