Friday, May 25, 2007

"Himalayan Feast" at Tibet Nepal House

Last March, I set up a sampler dinner at Tibet Nepal House and with 15 different dishes, it truly was a "Feast." Except for 2 or 3 things that were a yawn, I really enjoyed almost every dish; however, there are definite standouts that I want to mention below.

First, there were the Yak Momos (dumplings). I mentioned them in a previous post, but was curious to see how they would taste a second time around. They didn't disappoint. I'm not sure what kind of seasoning goes into that meat, but it really gives that yak meat great flavor. Just like before, I was perfectly content noshing on that Yak Momo on its own and didn't need any of the sauce to supplement it.

Then there were two chicken dishes that were just out of this world. One was the Kukhura Sekuwa, which was chicken breast marinated with sour cream and Himalayan spices. As we all know, chicken breast can lean towards being as dry as a bone, but this chicken was moist and tender with a sweet-heat flavor that was just delectable. The other was the Chyamtango Pujaari, which was chicken cooked with dry chili, cumin, garlic and Nepali spices Again, the chicken was moist and tasty and the blend of all those great spices just really pumped up the flavor volume without going over the top.

As for the vegetarian dishes, I'm a big fan of the Goodruk which consisted of prepared mustard greens, cabbage and tomato cooked with Nepali spices. I liked how the slight bitterness of the mustard greens combined with the tomato's acidity. Being a fan of bitter melon, it suited my palate. I also really enjoyed the Tofu Saag which was sauteed tofu cooked with pureed spinach and seasoned with Himalayan spices Even though the tofu was deep-fried beforehand, it still absorbed a lot of the great spinach flavor from the sauce.

Another great vegetarian addition was the Arun Valley Saag, which was fresh baby bok choy cooked with Chef's special blended sauce of ginger, garlic, onion, celery, etc. I love ginger so this dish was a hit with me at first bite and when you bring in garlic, this dish could be quite overpowering, but I think this dish is well balanced by the sweetness of the onions and the celery.

In regards to bread, I preferred the Tibetan bread which was deep fried whole wheat bread. It had a light crispy texture that was really enjoyable to eat. I didn't care too much for the Chyamtange Dhopzi, a stone-ground whole wheat leavened bread because of its too chewy texture. It reminded me of bad pita bread.

As for dessert, the house-made rice pudding is always a hit with me. It's light, creamy and offers just the right amount of sweet to end my meal without me feeling as if I over did it.

Overall, this was a great dinner. After all that food, I think all of us could have been rolled out of the door, assuming we would have fit. I have to say that I've never been disappointed by a meal at Tibet Nepal House and this one was no exception.

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(626) 585-9955

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Unknown said...

We purchased a Groupon for $25.00 worth of meals for $12.00 that included 2 beers with the meal. It sounded like a good but in the end it wasn't. The ambiance is noisy and they need to update the horrible decor. To be fair we order an appetizer some nan and full course side (the combination plate) with a rice side-dish. I couldn't believe how it took just for the waiter to take our order. The restaurant wasn't very crowded. The food took even longer to come and when it did, the sampler which was supposed to come with lamb, yak, chicken and shrimp was skimpy at best with only "One Shrimp". This for $15.00. It wasn't great and wasn't that good tasting. I really try and give a restaurant the benefit of the doubt but with the bad service and the poor portions mark this restaurant off your list. It's not work it.