Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cobbler Tasting at The Cobbler Lady

Last June, I set up a cobbler tasting at The Cobbler Lady, where the group got to sample 5 different cobblers and even got a side of vanilla ice cream to top their cobblers with. The tasting started with owner, Pam Wright, telling us about her experiences starting her business and let me tell you, that was a true story of perseverence.
After the talk, we dived into our tasting where we got to sample in order:

Peach Cobbler
Cherry Cobbler
Apple Cobbler
Blackberry Cobbler
Sugar-Free Cherry Cobbler with Agave Nectar

In regards to the cobblers, it's not so much what I didn't like about them, it was more like which of the ones did I like the best. If any of the cobblers suddenly appeared in front of me, I'd be happy. Overall, what I liked a lot was that none of the cobblers were overwhelmingly sweet. There was just enough to satisfy you if you had a sweet tooth, but not overwhelm you if you didn't.

The two that really stood out for me were the cherry cobbler and the sugar-free cobbler. The regular cherry cobber really appealed to my Filipino palate that appreciates sour-tart flavors, which I did get from the cherries, but then you also get the sweet needed to ensure an overall tasty dessert.

What I found amazing was that I couldn't really tell the difference between the regular and the sugar-free cherry cobblers. The addition of the agave nectar to the sugar-free cherry cobbler didn't take away from the great balance of flavors that you got from the regular cherry cobbler. I was really blown away.
The apple cobbler was also a hit because of the apples themselves. They weren't overcooked so there was still just a little "bite" to them that I really found appealing. Interestingly enough, I don't normally go for apple pie, but if this apple cobbler was on the menu, I wouldn't think twice.

My tastebuds were also quite happy with the sweet-cinnamony goodness of the peach cobbler and heading up the rear was the blackberry cobbler. Of the five, the blackberry cobbler was my least favorite. The consistency of the filling was too much like "jam" and blackberries themselves seemed a little overcooked for my taste.

The flavor was fine, but I think I would have liked to see more blackberries with a "thinner" sauce, similar to the way the cherry filling was done for the cherry cobbler, where you can really taste and celebrate the cherries themselves.

By the way, their cupcakes are also pretty good. I've had both their red velvet and their 7-up cake. I found the red velvet cupcake to be moist and a heck of a lot better than some of the "fancier" versions I've tried this year. As for the 7-up cupcake, it's more of a dense donut and really does have 7-up mixed with the ingredients, which gives it a flavor of lemon-lime that's very appealing.

Overall, this was a great tasting and I loved the fact that I was able to sample almost their entire "cobbler menu", except for some of their other "sugar-free" cobblers. I definitely will be coming back for their cherry cobbler and apple cobbler as well. Hopefully, you'll decide to check it for yourself.

To see pics, go to:

The Cobbler Lady
854 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(323) 298-2144

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