Saturday, January 31, 2009

Discover LA: Bungalow Heaven Home Tour in Pasadena

Other than being a great foodie town, LA has much to offer and while this blog will still be primarily about my culinary experiences, I also wanted to share with you other things about LA that have definitely made me smile, think, chuckle, appreciate and so much more and hopefully, they'll also help you discover an LA you've never known before and may want to know better.

If you have a love for historical homes, than you should definitely try to make it to the yearly Bungalow Heaven Home Tour in Pasadena. Bungalow Heaven is a neighborhood where the people living there actually worked to have it declared as a Landmark District. So why a Landmark District? Well, considering that Bungalow Heaven contains a rare and mostly intact collection of over 800 homes built from the 1900s through the 1930s, you can see why.

The architectural significance of Bungalow Heaven is that the homes reflect the start of the Arts & Crafts movement a la the Gamble House. As many of you may know, the Arts & Crafts movement rejected the ornateness of Victorian homes for simplicity in architectural style and a use of more natural materials.

This particular tour is self-guided and at your own pace, but what's so fantastic about it is that you get to visit the interior of 6 to 8 California bungalows and you'll also get a booklet detailing the particular history of that home. I was just amazed that at the time some of these homes were first in existence, a couple thousand dollars would get you the home of your dreams. That's certainly not the case now.

The tour runs $15 to $20 and happens every April. I think the tour is worth every penny and what better way to spend a spring day than exploring beautiful homes.

To see pics of the tour I went on and to read about the histories of the houses in the pictures above, go to:

For more information on the tour, go to:


Vanessa said...

Great blog! I'm sad that I missed the Bungalow Heaven tour this year ... I'll have to try to remember to do it next year. I walked around the area a few months ago and it was really charming.

pleasurepalate said...

Hi Vanessa. Thanks so much for visiting. If you're into architecture, in November, the Pasadena Craftsman House Tour will be happening and if you enjoy Victorian houses, you should check out the LA Conservancy Angelino Heights Tour. :)

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the suggestions - I'm going to look into those tours. I also want to do the LA Conservancy's downtown art deco tour.

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Sabrina said...

I was looking for inspiration on bungalow homes which is huge in chicago, iL. Great ideas. Didn't think they existed in L.A., LOL!