Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm In the Mood for Dessert!

I'm in the mood for something sweet! So let's share a virtual dessert together.
Does anything below catch your fancy?

Dulce de Jicama
(candied jicama with cinnamon in a creamy sauce)
from La Casita Mexicana in Bell, CA

Rice Suman
(sweetened rice cut in squares and topped with fried coconut and flan)
from Alejandro's in Eagle Rock, CA (Now Closed)

Timbal Elysee
(pure vanilla bean ice cream in a cookie tuile with fresh berries topped
with a caramel dome and served with a raspberry & vanilla sauce)
from Maison Akira in Pasadena, CA.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
(topped with Pears poached in tequila)
from La Huasteca in Pasadena, CA (Now Closed)

Indonesian Dessert
(with shaved ice, fruit and sweetened beans)
from Indonesian Outdoor BBQ in Duarte, CA

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Marvin said...

that suman looks killer! Too bad Alejandro's is closed, I never got to try that place out.

pleasurepalate said...

I was really bummed too when I heard Alejandro's closed, but at least, I have some pics of their food to remember them by. And yes, that suman was totally killer. :)

Mama T said...

Finally! I found a great local foodie blog!
I'm putting you on my Google reader.

That Indonesian fruit/bean ice looks like something I'd really like to try. I yelped it, but found that it's now closed! =(

pleasurepalate said...

Mama T: The Indonesian Outdoor BBQ actually just re-opened a couple of weeks ago, so go and check them out. :)