Monday, April 04, 2011

Burgers and Beats with Christian Navarro of Haute Skillet

Burgers and Beats at Curry Up Cafe

It's hard to imagine my food life without the internet.  Most of my delicious journeys have come about because of  a blog post I read, a tweet I glanced at, a FB post I perused and so on.  Wouldn't you know it? It took a tweet  from @LadyDucayne about a blog post she had written about an outdoor Underground Burger event that had me scrolling my mouse up my Twitter feed to see what the deal was on one January evening.

Well, the deal was that Christian Navarro of Haute Skillet hosts what he refers to as Burgers and Beats events where attendees can come by to enjoy a free specialty burger on him; however, the tips do help to offset the cost of the ingredients.  After reading about the Juicy Lucy burger that Lady Ducayne got to experience, I knew I was on board for the next Burgers and Beats event and it happened just a few weeks later.

Unfortunately, on the day of the event, there was a forecast for rain, so instead of an outdoors Burgers and Beats, the event was hosted by Curry Up Cafe.  So off from Duarte, I made the trek with friends all the way to Woodland Hills. I have to admit that the long drive almost threw me off, but the chance to support a fellow Filipino and to have an awesome burger finally did it for me.

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Burgers and Beats at Curry Up Cafe

After placing our order for our burgers, we decided to share some sides from Curry Up Cafe. One was a plate of Filipino pork lumpia (egg rolls). The other was dish was their Wongie Fries, topped with a Thousand island dressing, cheese, green onions and a few other ingredients.  Both were nice interludes before the main event.

Burgers and Beats at Curry Up Cafe
Burgers and Beats at Curry Up Cafe

Then, order up! Our burgers hit our table. Before me was what Christian, tongue in cheek, referred to as a Mother's Office Burger with a hamburger, pork belly confit, organic arugula, a poached egg, American cheese and maple glazed onions on a French baguette. The poached egg was already enough to make my eyes twinkle, but the pork belly confit had me grinning from ear to ear.

Burgers and Beats at Curry Up Cafe

What I loved about the poached egg is that after pricking at it, I let that yolky goodness flow down to the other ingredients, but I also spread some of it on the bread itself.  It's funny because I don't remember the bread having any kind of spread on it, but it didn't matter because of the yolk.  I also liked the use of a crusty French baguette instead of a softer burger bun, just to have a different texture.

Burgers and Beats at Curry Up Cafe

Overall, it was pretty darn good burger and I definitely was happy that I came upon that tweet by @LadyDucayne or else it may have taken me longer to experience this burger goodness. If you'd like to find out about Burgers and Beats and learn more about Haute Skillet events, see all the information below.

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Gastronomer said...

Rad! I hope to make it to one of Christian's events soon. Love the entire concept of burgers and beats!

Egg yolk sauce = perfect!

pleasurepalate said...

Doesn't it seem like you can't go wrong with runny egg yolk with any dish, except maybe for dessert. :)