Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Enchanted Rose Tea Parlour

Last Month, I had tea at a quaint tea room called The Enchanted Rose Tea Parlour in San Dimas, CA. Walking into this space, you'll see hats, boas, teapots, tea cups and of course tea tins fill the shelves that line up against the walls and pastels are definitely the color palette of choice.

For about $20, including tax and gratuity, we did the The Enchanted Tea. First off, we selected 4 different teas, 3 hot and 1 iced, to share. Once the teas started arriving, we also got our first course which was a little cup of fresh fruit.

Following the fruit came the blueberry scones along with cream and preserves. Those scones were absolutely wonderful. Soft, moist and cake-like, I savored every bite and I liked the fact that with every bite, I had a taste of blueberries.

For our third course, you had a choice of soup or salad and I opted for the salad which was a spring mix blend with apples and topped with a raspberry-Vidalia onion vinaigrette. I liked the tart-sweet flavors of the dressing, but felt like they drowned my salad with too much of it. Limp greens are not too apealing, so you may want to ask that they give you the dressing on the side.

Now out comes the sandwiches and each of us gets 4 and they were:
- chicken salad with almonds on a mini croissant

- ham and swiss cheese on 3 seed oat bread

- pineapple and pecans on Hawaiian bread

- carrots, celery and cheddar on wheat bread

All the sandwiches were quite tasty. The filings were just great. I especially liked the pineapple and pecans as well as the chicken salad with almonds. The one negative I will mention is that the bread for the last two sandwiches weren't as soft as they could have been. They were a little hard, almost as if they were toasted, but I don't think they were. Chocolate dipped strawberries also came out with the sandwiches.

I actually thought that the chocolate dipped strawberries were the dessert, but out came what the owner referred to as Fluff and in this case, Peach Fluff. It was a very light, airy and refreshing sweet treat, perfect for a hot day. The ingredients were fresh peaches mixed with angel food cake, cool whip and jello. This is definitely one of my new dessert favorites.

As the tea started winding down, we were eventually presented with the bill, but along with the bill came pink chocolate roses. They certainly didn't want us to leave hungry.

Overall, this is nice little tea parlour and to get everything we did just for $20, I'd say that this was definitely one of the more affordable teas I've ever been to and one hopefully, you'll check out yourself if you happen to be in the Eastside.

The Enchanted Tea Rose Parlour
120 W Bonita Ave Ste G
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909) 394-4588

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