Thursday, April 09, 2009

If I Could Cook...Mango

If I could cook aka if I had the patience in general and I was in the mood for mango, below are some recipes that might actually get me in the kitchen, courtesy of images I saw on Foodgawker!

Shrimp Vegetable Mango Curry
- foodizm

Coconut Mango Pulihara
- Monsoon Spice

Mango Cobbler and Chocolate and Chili Powder Ice Cream
- Macheesmo

Mango, Lime and Ginger Muffins
- Mostly Eating

Mango Cardamon Bread Pudding
-Kumquat Connection

Bon Appetit!


Diana said...

Yum - mango bread pudding sounds amazing! I'm so glad mangoes are back in season. The ones at Whole Foods right now are delicious -- so sweet!

pleasurepalate said...

I love mangoes, especially with bagoong (shrimp paste). :-D