Foodventures A to Z

Steam BBQ Buns from Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA

2007 American Cheesemaker Awards (Newport Beach)
2010 Blogger Prom (Hollywood)

A-Frame (Culver City)
A Votre Sante (Brentwood)
Alameda Swap Meet (East LA) and La Casita (Bell)
Altamed's 4th Annual East LA Meets Napa (Los Angeles)
Alejandro's - 1st visit (Glassell Park) - CLOSED
Alejandro's - 2nd visit (Glassell Park)- CLOSED
All'Angelo (LA) - CLOSED
Amy's Culinary Adventures - "Cheese Please" (Various)
Andrew's Cheese Shop - "Beer and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Pairing" (Santa Monica)
Angelica's Restaurant (Lennox)
Animal - "Samuel Adams Beer and Food Pairing" (Los Angeles)
Antica Pizzeria - "The Great Pizza Hunt" (Marina del Rey)
Arturo's Puffy Taco (Whittier)
Asian Noodles - "Soup's On!" (Chinatown) - CLOSED
Atlacatl (LA)
Aunt Rosa Lee's Mississippi Soul Food (LA)
Auntie Em's Kitchen - "Cheese Tasting" (Eagle Rock)

Authentic Italian Restaurant Promotion (Various)
Azalina's Food Stand - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Azeen's Afghani (Pasadena)

B Sweet Mobile Food Truck (Los Angeles)
Babita (San Gabriel)
Baja Culinary and Wine Tour (Mexico)
BakeLab - "Chocolate Chip Cookie Party" (Los Angeles)
Bananas (Duarte) - CLOSED
Banh Mi Quartet
Barrio Fiesta (Eagle Rock) - CLOSED
Barrio Fiesta - "Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24" (Eagle Rock) - CLOSED
Battambang Seafood Restaurant (San Gabriel)
BCD Tofu - "Korean Soon Tofu Soup Explorations" (Koreatown)
Bean Sprout Cafe (Arcadia)
Beverly Soon Tofu - "Korean Soon Tofu Explorations" (Koreatown)
Bilal (Inglewood)
Birrieria Chalio - "East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles)
Blair's (Silverlake)
Bludso's BBQ (Compton)
Boccalone - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Bollini's Pizzeria Napolitana (Monterey Park)
Bon Chon Chicken - "Korean Fried Chicken Smackdown" (Los Angeles)
Bouchon Bistro (Beverly Hills)
Bouchon Bistro - "Grand Opening Party" (Beverly Hills)
BreadBar - "Chef Debbie Lee's Seoul Town Tapas" (Los Angeles)
Brenda's French Soul Food (San Francisco)
Bulgarini Gelato (Altadena)
Bulgarini Gelato - Gelato and Sorbet Tasting (Altadena)
Bultaneun Cheongdamdong Jogae Gui (Los Angeles) - CLOSED

Cacao Mexicatessen (Eagle Rock)
Cadillac Culinary Challenge (Glendale)
Cafe Antigua Guatemala (Los Angeles)
Cafe Beaujolais (Eagle Rock)
Cafe Mak (Koreatown)
Cafe Pacific for High Tea (Rancho Palos Verdes)
Cafe Verde (Pasadena)
Cambino's Asian Barbecue (Cypress)
Canadian Cafe (Monrovia) - CLOSED
Cap'n Mike's Holy Smoke - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Capital Seafood - "Dim Sum of the Month Club" (Monterey Park)
Caribbean Tree House (Inglewood)
Casa Bianca (Eagle Rock)
Casa de Moles "La Tia" (Los Angeles)
Casey's Bar and Grille (Downtown LA)
Cashmere Bites "Vanilla Bean Workshop and Cooking Class" (Los Angeles)
Cemitas Poblanas Elvirita - "East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles)
Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron (Los Angeles) - CLOSED
Chaat Cafe (San Francisco)
Chang Thai Cuisine (Irwindale)
Chico's (Highland Park)
Chin Go Gae (Koreatown)
Chocolate Box Cafe - Chocolate Tasting (La Canada)
Chop Suey Cafe (Little Tokyo)
Ciudad (Los Angeles)
D'Angelo's Bakery - #LA2BAY (Santa Barbara)
Dal Rae Steakhouse - "The Great Steakhouse Challenge" (Pico Rivera)
David's Chili House (Azusa)- CLOSED
Dean Sin World - "Taking the Bao Road Through Monterey Park" (Monterey Park) 
Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab - #LA2BAY (Arroyo Grande)
Dim Sum Truck (Various)
Din Tai Fung - "XLB Crawl" (Arcadia)
Dino's Chicken & Burgers (Azusa)
Dinah's Family Restaurant - #LA2BAY (Los Angeles)
Don Rogelio's Tex-Mex Food (Lennox)
Dots Cupcakes vs. Violet's Cakes (Pasadena)
Dragon Mark - "XLB" Crawl (San Gabrie) - CLOSED
Dripp (Chino Hills)

E. Waldo Ward - Tour of Citrus Farm and Manufacturing Plant (Sierra Madre)
"East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles)
Ebisu Japanese Tavern (Little Tokyo)
Edelweiss Chocolates - Chocolate Tasting (Beverly Hills)
El Gallo Pinto - "Nicaraguan Feast" (Azusa)
El Gallo Pinto - 1st visit (Azusa)
El Gallo Pinto - 2nd visit (Azusa)
El Katracho (Sherman Oaks)
El Mercadito and Lunch at El Gallito (East LA)
El Salvadoreno (Duarte)
El Tepeyac (Los Angeles)
El Zarape (Monrovia) 
Europane Bakery (Pasadena)

Fab Hot Dogs (Reseda)
Father's Office - "The Great Burger Quest" (Santa Monica)
Ferry Building Food Crawl - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture - 2011 (San Pedro)
Fiesta Sa Barrio (Eagle Rock)
Firenze Osteria - "Food and Wine Pairing" (Toluca Lake)
Flappy Jack's Pancake House (Glendora)
Flavors of Belize (Los Angeles)
Fleming's Steakhouse - "Steak 101 and Lunch" (Los Angeles)
Fluff Ice (Monterey Park)
Food Truck Benefit for Haiti (Los Angeles)
Fraiche - "Norcal and Socal Filipino Tweatup" (Culver City)
Fresheast (West Hollywood)
Fulfilled - "Imagawa-Yaki Tasting" (Beverly Hills) - CATERING ONLY
Ford's Filling Station - "Cooking by Hand" Dinner (Culver City)
Frysmith Food Truck - "French Fry Tasting" (Various Locations)
Fukugawa (Gardena) 

Gaja (Lomita)
Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop (Gardena)
Gerry's Grill (Artesia)
Giang Nan - "Taking the Bao Road Through Monterey Park" (Monterey Park) 
Go Chew Food Truck (Los Angeles)
Guisados (Los Angeles)
Glacier Ice Cream and Gelato - "Food Tasting" ( Manhattan Beach) - CLOSED
Golden Triangle - "Burmese Feast" (Whittier)
Gomez's Snap-E Tacos (Covina)
Gorbals (Los Angeles)
Gourmandise Desserts - Private Cupcake Class
Green Village (San Gabriel) - CLOSED
Grilled Cheese Invitational - 2008 (Los Angeles)
Grilled Cheese Invitational - 2010 (Los Angeles)
Guelaguetza - "Oaxacan Feast" (Koreatown)
Guelaguetza - "Oaxacan Food, Ice Cream and Raspado Tasting" (Koreatown)

Hadaka Sushi (WeHo) - CLOSED
Happy Kitchen (San Gabriel)
Haute Skillet - "Burgers and Beats" (Various Locations)
Henyang Chili King (Monterey Park)
Hole Mole - "6 Stop Fish Taco Crawl" (Long Beach)
Hot Lix -  #LA2BAY (Pismo Beach)
Hugo's (Studio City)
Hunan's Restaurant (Alhambra) - CLOSED
Hunan Seafood (Rosemead)
Hungry Al's BBQ (West Covina) 

Ice Kiss - (Koreatown)
Imperial Tea Court - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Indo Cafe (Alhambra)
ink. (Los Angeles)
Ixtapa Cafe - "Grand Opening Party" (Pasadena)
Izayoi (Little Tokyo) - CLOSED

J&J - "XLB Crawl" (San Gabriel)
J&J - "XLB Journey" (San Gabriel)
Jagerhaus German Restaurant (Anaheim)
Jangchung-Dong Wong Jokbal (Los Angeles)
Japon Bistro (Pasadena)
Jar - "The Great Steakhouse Challenge" (LA)
Jeepney Asian Grill - "Filipino Tweatup" (Cerritos)
Jitlada Thai Cuisine - 1st Post (Hollywood)
Jitlada Thai Cuisine - 2nd Post (Hollywood)
Jongewaard's Bake 'n Broil (Long Beach)
Johnnie's Pastrami (Culver City)
Juan's Restaurante (Baldwin Park)
Juliano's Raw - "In the Raw Trio" (Santa Monica) 

Kazuyo Sushi (Los Angeles)
Ketchup (WeHo)
King's Row Gastropub (Pasadena)
Kingston Cafe (Pasadena)
Kiss My Bundt - "Bundt Cake Tasting" (Los Angeles)
Kogi BBQ Taco Truck (Various Locations)
Kogi BBQ Taco Truck - "Special Tasting Menu" (Various Locations)
Korean BBQ Quartet
Koshiji (LittleTokyo)
Kyochon Chicken - "Korean Fried Chicken Smackdown" (Los Angeles) 

L'Orangerie (West Hollywood) - CLOSED
La Casita (Bell)
La Espanola (Harbor City)
La Monarca Bakery - "East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles)
LA Market at JW Marriott - Home of Season 8 Hell's Kitchen Winner (Los Angeles) 
Langham Hotel - "Chocolate Afternoon Tea" (Pasadena)
Langham Hotel - "Chinese New Year's Brunch" (Pasadena)
Langham Hotel - "Media Dinner at the Dining Room with Chef Voltaggio's Menu" (Pasadena)
Lazy Ox Canteen (Little Tokyo)
Lennox Pollo (Lennox)
Le Comptoir (Los Angeles)
Le Roy's the Original (Monrovia)
Le Saint Amour (Culver City) - CLOSED
Leaf Cuisine - "In the Raw Trio" (Culver City)
Libra Brazilian Eatery (Culver City)
Lindner Bison (Applewood Smoked Bison Rib Roast)
Little Belize (Inglewood)
Little Green Cyclo Food Truck - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Little Sheep (San Gabriel) - CLOSED
Logan's Candy - "Handmade Candy Cane Making" (Ontario)
Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken, Seafood and Donuts (Pasadena)
Los Balcones de Peru (Hollywood)
Lu Din Gee - 1st Visit (San Gabriel) - CLOSED
Lu Din Gee - 2nd Visit (San Gabriel) - CLOSED
Ludo Bites 3.0 to 5.0 (Various Locations) 
Ludo Bites 7.0 (Gram and Papas)
Lunasia (Alhambra)
Lupe's Pancakes - "East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles) 

Ma Po Dak Gal Bi (Koreatown - Los Angeles)
Macau Street Food Porn (Monterey Park) - CLOSED
Madame Chocolat - "Industry Night and Chocolate Tasting" (Beverly Hills)
Magic Wok & Saffron Spot (Artesia)
Magic Wok (Artesia)
Maison Akira (Pasadena)
Mama's Lu - "Taking the Bao Road Through Monterey Park" (Monterey Park)
Mami King (West Covina)
Mandoline Grill Food Truck (Various)
Manja Resto (Duarte) - CLOSED
Mariscos Chente (Lennox)
Mariscos Chente (Mar Vista)
Maru (Koreatown) & Mayflower Seafood (Chinatown)
Marti Chocolatt - "Filipino Chocolate and Wine Pairing" (Online Chocolate Store) 
McDonald's History Tour
Mediterranean Garden Grill (Monrovia)
Mendocino Farms - "Pre-Grand Opening Party" (Marina del Rey)
Mei Long Village - "XLB Crawl" (San Gabriel)
Mei Long Village - "XLB Journey" (San Gabriel)
Meltdown etc - Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tasting (Culver City) - CLOSED
Meltdown etc. (Culver City) - CLOSED
Melting Pot Tours - Farmer's Market and 3rd Street Tour (Los Angeles)
Mercury Lounge (San Francisco)
Metro Diner (Culver City)
Mexican Outdoor Food Stands (Boyle Heights)
Mignon Wine + Cheese Bar - "Filipino Chocolate and Wine Pairing" (Los Angeles)
Milk - "Got Milk Open House" (Los Angeles)
Mission 261 - "Dim Sum Club of the Month" (San Gabriel)
Mo-Chica - "National Honey Board Honey Tasting Menu" (Los Angeles)
Mofongos (North Hollywood)
Mon Land Hot Pot City (San Gabriel)
Mother Moo Creamery (Sierra Madre)
Mr Pizza Factory - "The Great Pizza Hunt" (Los Angeles)
Mu Dung San (Koreatown)
Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se (Artesia)
Mustard's (Long Beach)
My Secret Recipe - CLOSED
Myung Dong Tofu Restaurant - "Korean Soon Tofu Soup Explorations" (West Covina) 

Namu Food Stand - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Nana and Naa (Inglewood)- CLOSED
Natas Pastries - Pastry Tasting (Sherman Oaks)
Natas Pastries - Tour of Portugal Dinner (Sherman Oaks)
Natalie Seafood Peruvian Restaurant (Hollywood)
Natura Bar - "Oaxacan Food, Ice Cream and Raspado Tasting" (Koreatown) 
Nevera Fruit Creations - Beverage Tasting (Bell)
New Capital Seafood - "Dim Sum of the Month" (Rowland Heights)
New Paradise (Long Beach)
Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant (San Gabriel)
Nick's Taste of Texas (Covina)
Nina's Food - "East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles)
Noi (Los Angeles)- CLOSED

Ocean Star - "Dim Sum of the Month" (Monterey Park)
Off Citrus (West Covina)
Off The Grid - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Oki-Dog (LA)
One World Vegetarian Cuisine (West Covina)
Ondal 2 (LA)
Original Fish Company - "Soup's On!" (Los Alamitos)
Orris (Culver City)
Osteria Mozza (LA)
Otafuku - "South Bay's Taste of Japan" (Gardena) 

Pa Pa Walk (San Gabriel)
Paciugo Gelato Caffe (Hermosa Beach)
Patina (LA)
Patio Filipino (San Bruno) 
Patio Filipino - #LA2BAY (San Bruno)
Penang Malaysian Cuisine (West Covina)
Pete's Cafe - "The Great Burger Quest" (Los Angeles)
Philippe's (Los Angeles)
Phong Dinh (Rosemead) - CLOSED
Pica Pica Kitchen Food Stand - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Picasso's Cafe (Irwindale)
Philippine Festival of Arts and Culture (San Pedro)
Pita! Pita! (Pasadena)
Pitfire Pizza - Pizza  and Wine Pairings (Downtown LA)
Pitfire Pizza Company - Pizza Making Party (LA)
Pitfire Pizza Company (Culver City)
Pizza and Chicken Love Letter (Artesia)
Pizzeria Mozza (Los Angeles)
Platine Cookies (Culver City)
Plum Tree Inn (Chinatown)
Pollo a la Brasa (Los Angeles)
Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar - "Old Town Pasadena Restaurant Week" (Pasadena)
Priyani Ceylon Cafe (Northridge) - CLOSED
Project by Project's 7th Annual Plate by Plate Event (LA)
Pollo Campero (Long Beach)
Pondahan (West Covina)
President Square Food Court (Arcadia) 

Quan Vy Da (Westminster) 

Rajdhani (Artesia)
Ramen Quartet
Rasraj (Little India - Artesia)
Red Hot Kitchen (Los Angeles)
Restaurant Nhu Y (Fountain Valley)
Rick's Drive-In (Pasadena)
Rivera (Los Angeles)
Rivera - "Intro of New Menus" (Los Angeles)
Rivera - "National Honey Board Honey-Inspired Tasting Menu" (Los Angeles)
Roli Roti - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant (Los Angeles) 
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant - 2nd Visit (Los Angeles)
Ruen Pair (Hollywood)  

Saffron Spot - Indian Ice Cream & Shaved Ice Tasting (Artesia)
Saigon Cuisine (Santa Ana)
San Antonio Winery - "Boutique Beer and Food Tasting" (Los Angeles)
San Antonio Winery - "Wine 101 Class and Lunch" (Los Angeles)
Santa Rita, Jalisco Taco Truck - "East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles)
Scarlet Tea Room (Pasadena)
Scarpetta (Beverly Hills) 
Scuola Di Pizza (Los Angeles)
Sea Harbour - "Dim Sum of the Month Club" (Rosemead)
Senor Baja - "6 Stop Fish Taco Crawl" (Bellflower)
Senor Sisig Food Truck - #LA2BAY (San Francisco) 
Seoul Sausage Company (Los Angeles) 
Seoul Sausage Company - "Super Bowl Party" (Los Angeles)
Serrano's Mexican Kitchen (Duarte)- CLOSED
Shau May Restaurant - "Taking the Bao Road Through Monterey Park" (Monterey Park)
Siem Reap (Long Beach)
Singapore's Banana Leaf (Los Angeles)
Six Taste Bizarre Food Challenge (San Gabriel)
Six Taste Delicious Dumpling Tour (Arcadia) 
Six Taste New Chinatown Tour (San Gabriel) 
Snow Monkey (Canoga Park)
Sophy's Thai and Cambodian Cuisine (Long Beach)
South Coast Plaza Food Blogger Event (Costa Mesa)
Splash Cafe - #LA2BAY (Pismo Beach)
Sugarfish (Los Angeles) 
Sun Ha Jang (Koreatown)
Spoon House - "South Bay's Taste of Japan" (Gardena)
Street Food: Oaxacan Quesadilla Street Cart and Churro Truck (LA/Echo Park)
Street Restaurant (Los Angeles) 

T Burgers (Monrovia)
Taco Beach - "6 Stop Fish Taco Crawl" (Long Beach)
Taco Bell Blogger Corporate HQ Visit (Irvine)
Taco Nazo - "6 Stop Fish Taco Crawl" (Bellflower)
Tacos Baja Ensenada - "6 Stop Fish Taco Crawl" (Los Angeles)
Tacos Baja Ensenada - "East LA Foodie C'Rave" (Los Angeles)
Tacos El Poblano (Tijuana, Mexico)
Tacos Ensenada (Duarte)
Tacos La Potranca de Jalisco - #LA2BAY (King City)
Tanaka Farms - "Watermelon Tour' (Irvine)
Tanaka Farms - "Cookout Tour" (Irvine)
Taqueria Sanchez (Los Angeles)
Taste of India (Long Beach)
Tastebuds - #LA2BAY (San Bruno)
Tasty Clouds (Los Angeles)
Taylor's Steakhouse - "The Great Steakhouse Challenge" (La Canada)
Teri And Yaki (Monrovia) - CLOSED
Terroni (Los Angeles)
Test Kitchen with Chef Walter Manzke (Los Angeles)
Traxx (LA)
The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada - "6 Stop Fish Taco Crawl" (Los Angeles)
The Cobbler Lady - Cobbler Tasting (LA)
The Counter - "The Great Burger Quest" (Santa Monica)
The Courtyard (West Hollywood) - CLOSED
The Creme Brulee Cart - #LA2BAY (San Francisco)
The Dining Room in the Langham Hotel (Pasadena)
The Donut Man (Glendora)
The Enchanted Rose Tea Parlour (San Dimas)
The Fix Burger (Silverlake)
The Hollywood Corner (Hollywood)
The Kitchen (Alhambra)
The Kitchen - "Dim Sum of the Month Club" (Alhambra)
The Manila Machine Food Truck (Various Locations) - CLOSED
The Market Grill (Monrovia)
The Oinkster (Eagle Rock)
The Park's Finest BBQ - "BBQ Tasting" (Los Angeles)
The Park's Finest BBQ - Norcal and Socal Filipino Tweatup (Los Angeles) 
The Pleasure of Pig Parts and Beer ~ Filipino Pork and Beer Pairing (Los Angeles) 
The Slaw Dogs (Pasadena)
The T Room (Montrose)
Tibet Nepal House (Pasadena)
Tibet Nepal House - "Himalayan Feast" (Pasadena)
Top Chef Tour - "The Day I Was a Top Chef Tour Judge" (Hollywood)
Tom's Drive-In No. 19 (Monrovia) - CLOSED
Traktir - "Soup's On!" (WeHo)
Triumphal Palace - "Dim Sum of the Month Club" (Alhambra) - CLOSED
True Food Kitchen - Santa Monica
Tutti Frutti (Pasadena)  - CLOSED

Umami Burgers (Los Angeles)