Monday, March 23, 2009

Old Favorites, Hits and Misses at Lu Din Gee - CLOSED

Awhile back, I had my first taste of Peking Duck as well as some other tasty dishes at Lu Din Gee. For the most part, that meal was pretty good and I was looking forward to a return visit. Well, that return visit happened and the question is "Was it just as good as the first time?" The answer is "Yes" and "No."

Yes still to the Peking Duck. The skin was still crispy and making duck burritos was still just as fun. By duck burritos, I mean that with the Peking Duck, you get rice wrappers, plum sauce, scallions and cucumbers for some hands-on eating.

No still to the Peking Duck Stir-Fried with Bean Sprouts. Why waste any extra duck with bean sprouts? I'd rather have more for my duck burritos.

Yes still to the Buddha Chicken and the Lotus Nuggets. The chicken filling still tasted just as good mixed with hot rice and the lotus nuggets still had a wonderful crunch to them.

No to the Shrimp, Scallops and Bell Peppers in Bird's Nest. Pretty presentation, but bland tasting and you couldn't even break a piece of the basket to eat. It's probably just for show.

No and I mean a Resounding No to the Barbecued Eel over Flavored Sweet Rice. This particular dish is supposed to be one of Lu Din Gee's signature dishes, but wow, everything was sweet to the nth degree from the eel to the rice to the sauce.

No real opinion on the Cold Cuts Platter since I just sampled a little bit of the jellyfish salad and found it to be just okay. However, the foil swan was a nice touch.

Major yes to the Sweet and Sour Whole Fried Fish. Beautifully crunchy skin and delicate white fish meat inside. What I also liked was that the sauce wasn't overly sweet.

Yes still to the Crab, although this time around we ordered it cooked Kumpao style. I don't think it was really that spicy, but I like how they cut into the crab so it's easy to get all the meat out for eating.

So-So to the desserts, although I liked the jello consistency of their Thousand Layer Cake. The other two we tried were forgettable.

Based on this second visit, would there ever be a third visit? I wouldn't rule it out, but there are many other restaurants that I still want to try for the first time, so Lu Din Gee will just have to wait and I mean, a long wait.

To see pics, go to:

Lu Din Gee
1039 E. Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 90189
(626) 288-0588

NOTE: Lu Din Gee is now Duck House and has moved to a new location. For more info, click on


WeezerMonkey said...

Well, at least everything *looked* good....

pleasurepalate said...

Yes, a pretty presentation is always appreciated, although a tasty meal is better appreciated. :-D

Anonymous said...

Which restaurant in your opinion has the best duck burritos in SGV? I've never been to LDG before, I should try it one of these days.

EatTravelEat said...

The presentations are pretty nice compared to other Chinese restaurants! Interesting foil swan there, with the exception of the fact that there was a lone piece of jellyfish near the front of the swan! I've seen dry ice and lights before, but never a foil swan at a restaurant.

pleasurepalate said...

protocolsnow: I just noted it in my blog, but Lu Din Gee is now Duck House and they're in Monterey Park. Check the restaurant link for more info. As for other duck burritos, unfortunately, I can't think of any other place at the top of my head.

EatTravelEat: Darn, if I had noticed that long strip of jellyfish, I would have plucked it off. Oh well. :)

alik said...

nice your blog... I like...

pleasurepalate said...

alik: Thanks so much for your kind comment. It's much appreciated.