Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm In the Mood for Seafood!

I'm in the mood for seafood! So let's share a delicious dish together.
Does anything below catch your fancy?

Pacific Roasted Pacific Red Snapper Fillet, Black Rice & Charred Jalapeno Vinaigrette
from Traxx in Los Angeles, CA

Sashimi Rice Bowl
from Chiba in North Hollywood, CA

The Mayflower Lobster Special
from Mayflower Seafood in Los Angeles, CA

Ginataang Hipon (shrimp in creamy coconut sauce with string beans)
from Alejandro's in Eagle Rock, CA (Now Closed)

Octopus Carpaccio with Tomatoes in Pizzaiola
from All'Angelo in Los Angeles, CA

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Phil said...

That sashimi rice bowl encapsulates everything I have come to believe that the Japanese are trying to teach us with their cuisine. Make sure it's fresh, don't do too much to it, let the food do the talking.

Your picture is perhaps the single most beautiful bowl of sashimi I have ever laid eyes on. Suitable for framing. I must get to Chiba.

Diana said...

My vote goes for the snapper at Traxx -- looks amazing!

WSL98787 said...

The Octopus Carpaccio looks very interesting, and the lobster looks delicious! Just had it recently at a different place. The sashimi rice bowl also looks good with the abundant amount of seafood on top.

pleasurepalate said...

Phil: You're right in that food doesn't have to be complicated as long as it's fresh and of high quality. Sometimes, it can speak for itself simply based on its own caliber.

Diana: Good choice. That snapper at Traxx was quite delicious, especially the crispy skin!

WSL98787: The presentation of the Octopus Carpaccio really blew me away. It was almost too pretty to eat.