Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'm In the Mood For Soup!

I'm in the mood for soup! So let's share a virtual bowl together.
Does anything below catch your fancy?

Beef Pho Soup
from Pho Pagolac in Los Angeles, CA (Chinatown)

Ramen with Chaysu Pork and Won Tons
from Hakata Ramen in Gardena, CA.

Black Mushroom and Bamboo Noodle Soup
from Zilin Noodle House in Arcadia, CA

Classic Mami Soup with Chicken and Pork
from Asian Noodles in Los Angeles, CA (Now Closed)

Rice Noodles with BBQ Shrimp Soup
from Quan Vy Da in Westminister, CA

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sugarlens said...

If I could pick any of these noodle bowls for lunch, I would pick Ramen with Chaysu Pork and Won Tons!

pleasurepalate said...

sugarlens: Thanks for stopping by. Considering how cold and rainy it has been, I'd probably be happy with any of the soups. :)